The Firm

Fedetto e Associati

In 1962, Ermes Fedetto started his accountancy and consultancy activity based on the principles of deontological ethics and the importance of culture. These same principles are still the foundation of FEDETTO & ASSOCIATES today, serving corporate, fiscal, legal and financial customers internationally with a wide range of services.

The size of the firm has increased over time, but the personal contact and willingness to identify with and adapt to the customer’s needs, whether an individual, a multinational, a bank or a para bank, remains unyielding as it was in those early years.

Ermes obtained his commercialista degree (accountancy, commercial law and consultancy) in 1959 at the Foscari University of Venice in the 1959 and based his firm in Padova. This charming town just west of Venice and in the same Veneto region dates back to well before the birth of Christ and is home to one of the oldest and most respected universities in the world. Already in the times of Shakespeare, Padova was world famous for its leading role in jurisprudence and legal practice, which continues even today.

All three of his children Sara, Rebecca and Sebastiano, now work for the firm and continue his tradition together with other professionals in the field.